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Michael and Bluetongue

I’m a physiological ecologist in the School of BioSciences at The University of Melbourne.  I’ve always loved looking for animals in the bush (especially reptiles and bugs) and wondering how they manage to survive in some places and not others. I also like looking at maps. For these reasons, my research is mainly focused on ways to connect what we can measure about an animal’s basic survival skills and capabilities (e.g. temperature tolerances, water loss rates, energetics, microhabitat requirements, nutrition) with what we can measure about their environments and how they change though space and time (maps of temperature, rainfall, terrain, habitat features and so on). From a theoretical point of view, this has led me to work in the fields of microclimate modelling, biophysical ecology and metabolic theory. My lab is thus called the “Climate and Metabolic Ecology Lab (CAMEL)”. I’m yet to try modelling camels, though.


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