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Ecophysiologist at the University of Melbourne

New paper on soil moisture modelling capacity with NicheMapR

James Maino and I had a paper come out recently that tested the microclimate model of NicheMapR’s ability to compute hourly soil moisture This link gives 50 days free access before 13th June Advertisements

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NicheMapR is now available!

The first version of NicheMapR is now available from Mike’s github site, with a finalised version of the microclimate model and a partly documented but operational version of the ectotherm model (plus a few other biophysical resources). See the Resources … Continue reading

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A cool reason for koalas to hug trees

This week we published a paper from Nat Briscoe’s doctoral work about behavioural thermoregulation in koalas and the importance of cool tree trunk microclimates. The paper is here and there has been quite a bit of media coverage e.g. Science … Continue reading

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New dataset of global microclimates

This month we published a set of microclimate layers for the globe. You can find out more about it here.

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