2014-2016   ARC Discovery Grant: Hydroregulation – a missing piece of the climate change puzzle (joint with Prof Steven Chown) $398,000

2013-2015  Australia and Pacific Science Fund: Are lizards toast? Climate warming, fire and lizard extinctions in the Australian arid zone (joint with Dr Adam Stow, Dr Chris Tracy, Assoc Prof Brendan Wintle and Danae Moore) $41,500

2013-2014 University of Melbourne Interdisciplinary Seed Grant: Weather forecasts for plants and animals (joint with Prof David Karoly, Dr Kamal Puri and Prof Warren Porter)  $40,000

2012-2014 Victorian Life Sciences Computation Initiative grant: Calculating Climatic Constraints on Animals (joint with Dr Andrew Isaac)  800,000 cpu cycles

2011-2015   ARC Discovery Grant: An integrated mechanistic model of species’ responses to environmental change $712,000

2011 (declined) ARC Future Fellowship: An integrated mechanistic model of species’ responses to environmental change $607,665

2011-2013 ARC Discovery Grant (joint with Dr Craig White): Testing metabolic theories in ecology $310,000

2009-2011 ARC Linkage Grant (joint with N. Mitchell, M. Hipsey, W. Porter, M Sivapalan, G. Kuching): Animals on the move – an integrated approach to selecting conservation reserves under climate change $213,000

2008-2012 ARC Linkage Grant (joint with B. Wintle, D. Keith, M. Burgman, J. Elith, M. McCarthy, L. Hughes, T. Auld, M. Hutchinson): Robust prediction and decision strategies for managing extinction risks under climate change  $750,000

2008-2010 CERF Significant Project Grant (joint with A. Hoffmann, C. Sgro, A. Weeks, S. Ritchie, C. Williams, P. Ryan): Predicting and monitoring climate change in insects: from genes to distribution shifts $750,000

2007-2009      ARC Discovery Grant (joint with Dr. Paul Sunnucks, Prof. Warren Porter): Understanding responses to climate change $240,000

2007-2009 ARC Discovery Grant (joint with Prof. Craig Mortiz): Hybridization, polyploidy and the evolution of parthenogenesis in the Australian desert $305,406

2006-2008 ARC Linkage Grant (joint with Melville, Parris, Littlejohn, Austin): Human-induced changes in the genetic structure of amphibian populations $221,000

2004-2007 ARC Discovery Grant and Postdoctoral Fellowship: Are natural clones specialists or generalists? $300,000


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